The farm holidays company, "La Gaiofana"; it rises on hills inhabitants of Romagna and therefore to little Km from the Rocchi (Mirco, Sabrina and the daughters Valentina and Melissa) they acquired this land in 1996; completely she was abandoned from twenty years. After to have restructured the old annexed colonica house and the manufactured ones to it they are themselves dedicates to you to reorder the bottom; beyond that to seeded and hay to you for the horses, also to vineyard, olive grove (300 plants) and ortaggi. Production Sangiovese the Wine in the next few years will increase (to others 2 has dedicates to you). The agricultural company has become Farm holidays to the end of 1998. . For Mirco, Sabrina and daughters the attempt is to share the immense rural passion that they have for the genuine life and with the hosts whom they wish to pass some days with we in the living well, the peace, in the green, dipped in the scent that the season of the moment offers.